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EFL Championship Playoff Final Analysis

The EFL Championship Playoff Final is finally here. Brentford came back from losing the first leg to beat Swansea 3-2 on aggregate to advance to the final of the playoff. The final will be an all-London affair, as Fulham survived a scare, beating Cardiff City 3-2. So who has the advantage when it comes to the final, and who will be promoted to the Premier League? Brentford Brentford have never…

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The MLS Is Back Tournament: Semi-Final Preview

Earlier in the year, I wrote about how the MLS Is Back Tournament got off to a rough start. Nashville dropped out in their debut season, joining FC Dallas on the sidelines. People complained about the superimposed Adidas logo. Injuries were constant. However, the tournament has more than recovered and has been very popular, although injuries have been an issue. It’s already the semi-final of the tournament now, so here…

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The Best Cheap Players Teams Can Find Outside Of Europe

This transfer window will be unlike any other. The finances of many clubs have been greatly affected due to coronavirus. This means teams all over Europe will need to look at cheap, effective signings rather than the usual big names. That made me wonder: Who are some of the best players who play outside of Europe who can be bought cheaply? Ariel Lassiter, Alajuelense Ariel Lassiter, son of striker Roy…

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Newcastle United Bid Falls Through

After months of debate, the Saudi Public Investment Fund will not be purchasing Newcastle United. The Saudi Public Investment Fund (SPIF), led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has announced that they are pulling out of their attempts to buy the Premier League team. The Saudis are reportedly annoyed that the Premier League spent so much time vetting them. Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records in…

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Three Teams That Can Challenge Liverpool Next Season

The transfer window is open, and while some teams have been very quiet, others haven’t. Norwich City have already started recruiting young players to prepare for Championship soccer next season, like Sunderland’s Bali Mumba. Others are preparing to maybe make a splash like Brighton, who signed Liverpool veteran Adam Lallana for free and have funds available after selling Anthony Knockaert to Fulham. It’s clearly obvious that other Premier League teams…

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Analysis: Asian World Cup Qualifiers (Part 2 of 2)

The schedule for the 2022 Qatar World Cup has been announced. The tournament will start in November of 2022, which means that the qualifiers will be more condensed than usual. The North American qualifiers have announced a new format that starts in October, but the group stages of those qualifiers have not been announced yet. They will not be announced until August. I’ve already talked about African qualifiers, which are…

Bundesliga Trophy Borussia Dortmund Winner
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Do You Know Who Won Each Of Europe’s Top Five Leagues?

It’s quiz time again! The Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and La Liga seasons are finished, and with two games remaining the winner of Serie A has been confirmed. How many of these title winners do you know? What did you get? Please make sure to let us know! Image Courtesy of Axel Schwenke / CC BY-SA

heurelho gomes Watford Premier League goalkeeper
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Premier League: Who Will Relegated Clubs Sell?

After the restart of the Premier League I wrote an article about the relegation candidates. You can find that here, but while much of what I predicted ultimately came true, some didn’t. Watford sacked Nigel Pearson with two games remaining in a move that made no sense, and still got relegated. Aston Villa managed to avoid relegation but, honestly, they deserved to be relegated. They conceded against Sheffield United upon…

iran soccer World Cup qualifier
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Analysis: Asian World Cup Qualifiers (Part 1 of 2)

Soccer is well and truly back, and World Cup qualifiers will soon be back as well. I’ve already written about the African World Cup qualifiers, which you can find here and here. The Asian World Cup qualifiers are the next to return, so I am going to review these groups over two parts. It’s currently the second of four rounds in Asian World Cup Qualifying. The first round has already…

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool Premier League Title
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Klopp Speaks Out On Liverpool’s Trophy Lift

That’s how life is, you make the best of what you can. It means the world to me, to be honest. Everything would be better with fans, I know that. A few months ago I thought it’s impossible to play football. All the other leagues, Paris I’m not sure they got the trophy. Ajax didn’t get the trophy. Bayern had to do it in a completely empty stadium. We had…